Rules of the "Golden Ticket" Contest Game

Rules of the “Golden Ticket” competition by drawing lots

Item 1:

Organization of the Game Peppered Salts, SAS registered in the Trade and Companies Register of Dax under number B 877 650 556 , whose registered office is at 1120 RD 112, 40230 Saubion (hereinafter referred to as "the organizer") , is organizing a competition with an option to purchase entitled "Golden Ticket" (hereinafter referred to as "the Game").

Section 2:

Object of the Game The Game, which is free and with an obligation to purchase, consists of finding a physical ticket hidden between the towns of Biarritz and Hossegor or finding a virtual ticket on the brand's website: (hereinafter “the Website”). As part of the Game, a draw will designate the prizes awarded to people who have found a ticket (hereinafter "the Participants"). Participation in the Game implies the participants' unreserved acceptance of these rules in their entirety (hereinafter "the Rules").

Section 3:

Date and duration of the Game The Game runs from May 15, 2023 to May 27, 2023.

Clause 4:

Conditions of participation and validity of participation

4-1. Conditions of participation The Game is open to all natural persons of legal age. Are not authorized to participate in the Game, people who collaborated in the organization of the game as well as the members of their respective direct families, the employees of the Organizer or subcontractors of the Organizer and its affiliated companies.

4-2. Validity of participation Any participation in the Game will be considered invalid in the event of non-compliance with these rules. The Organizer therefore reserves the right to eliminate any participation that does not respect it.

Clause 5:

Designation of winners It is agreed that the draw will be carried out in public on May 27, 2023 .

Section 6:

Designation of Prizes The Game, by drawing lots, is endowed with the following prize: • 1 surfboard worth €1,200 public price, 2 packs of T&C Surf Designs clothing worth €250 public price, 3 skate decks worth €69 retail price

Clause 7:

The names of the winners will be drawn on May 27, 2023, participants must be present during the draw.

Section 8:

Delivery of Prizes Winners will take possession of their prize after the Organizer's draw. or any other consideration of any kind whatsoever.

Section 9:

Protection of personal data and image rights The personal data collected as part of participation in the Game is recorded and used by the Organizer for the purposes of their participation and the allocation of their winnings. The winners expressly authorize, by simply placing their order on the Website, the Organizer to publish free of charge on the social networks LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, their identity, namely their surname, their first name, in a way for the Organizer to be able to communicate around the event. This authorization is valid for 1 year from the announcement of the winners. It does not entitle, under the aforementioned conditions, to any right or financial compensation for the benefit of the winners other than the delivery of their prizes. In accordance with the "Data Protection Act" of January 6, 1978 and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 (GDPR), Participants may withdraw their consent at any time and benefit from a right of access, rectification, modification or deletion of personal data concerning them. All requests must be sent by post to the Organiser's address: Peppered Salts, SAS, 1120 RD 112, 40230 Saubion or by email to:

Article 10: Responsibility of the Organizer

The Participants acknowledge and accept that the only obligation of the Organizer under the Game is to submit the Website orders to the draw, provided that their participation complies with the terms and conditions of the Rules, and to award the prizes to the winners. , according to the criteria and procedures defined in these Regulations. The Organizer cannot be held liable, without this list being exhaustive, for any technical, material or software failure of any kind whatsoever.

Article 11: Dispute of the Game

Any dispute or complaint relating to the Game and/or the draw must be made by simple letter addressed to the Organizer at the following address: Peppered Salts, SAS, 1120 RD 112, 40230 Saubion or by email at: info@thesaltsonly .com. This letter must indicate the precise date of participation in the Game, the order number, the full contact details of the player and the exact reason for the dispute. No dispute will be taken into account eight (8) days after the close of the Game. No other mode of dispute or complaint can be taken into account. No request or complaint concerning the application or interpretation of these Rules will be answered.

Article 12: Force majeure and reservations

The Organizer cannot be held liable if, for a case of force majeure or an event beyond its control, the Game has to be modified, shortened or cancelled. The Organizer reserves the right to carry out any verification that it deems useful, relating to compliance with the Rules, in particular to exclude any participant who has made an inaccurate, misleading or fraudulent declaration.

Article 13: Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

The Rules are governed by French law. Any difficulty in applying or interpreting the Rules will be settled exclusively by the competent civil jurisdiction of Lille.

Article 14: Consultation of the Rules The Game Rules are available and can be viewed throughout the duration of the Game at the following address: