Mexipixel - Mystic Mexico Waves - A Surf Film


T&C Surfer Koa Yokota and surfer/artist Chris Miyashiro headed to Mexico to taste the culture and ocean vibes of the wave rich desert landscape. What happens when a talented surfer with a sweet quiver of twin fins and a talented surfer/artist spend a couple of weeks in Mexico? Mexipixel is born. 

A film by: Chris Miyashiro  @mystomiyashiro and Koa Yokota @koasurfklub

Special Thanks to: Maya, Nesher and Montezuma's Revenge 

Surfboards: Soul Fish, Twinnister and Missing Link by Makani McDonald @makani_shapes. The Saint by Glenn Pang @gpangsurf.

Additional Surfers: Maya Larripa Diaz, Nesher Diaz, Gabriel Goes, Luana Silva, Tosh Tudor and Joel Tudor. 

Music: Tio On Da Streets - "Grillos, Limon Y Chile", Loli Cosmica - "Tzen Tze Re Rei", Gemini Daisies - "What Moves Inside of Me", Dreams of Future Machines - "Gotta Get Outa Here", BB In Da Battub - "La Bamba, Koa Wake Up"