Bloom - A Hawaii Surf Film by Noah & Cameron


Bloom is a short Hawaii surf film created by T&C Surf team rider Noah Kawaguchi and filmer Cameron Winkelman. This was filmed in the summer of 2022 on Oahu, Hawaii during the Code Red 2 swell that hit the islands. Some misto spots lit up and Cameron was able to capture Noah scoring some epic surf. Noah's smooth style blends well with Cameron's filming and editing style. Two groms stoked on life, surfing and capturing their adventures. This is the start of their creative journey together and we're looking forward to more.

You can find Noah and Cameron on IG at @noahkawaguchi_ @camwinkmedia 


When did you meet and start filming with Cameron? 

Last year, after graduating high school, I came to San Diego to continue pursuing an education. I met Cameron when I first arrived at college and we instantly clicked creatively and became good friends. We started to film Blacks, Sunset Cliffs, and other areas of San Diego and were having a lot of fun. Eventually, Cameron came to stay with me in Hawaii for a few weeks and we filmed “Bloom”. This short film was created with a love for the ocean and a passion for fun. I have been so stoked to be at a place where I can chase a college degree, while still being able to surf every day. Cameron and I are excited to continue making videos together!

What boards are you riding in the video? 

In the video, I am riding my 6’2 Sidewinder, my 5’8 K-1 and my 5’10 Flux


How long have you been riding T&C surfboards? What do you like about them? How long have you been sponsored?

Riding for Town & Country has been so awesome! Ever since I was a mini grom, T&C has encouraged me as a surfer. When I was 8 years old, my parents bought me my first surfboard for Christmas. It was an old 5’4 Town&Country thruster shaped by Glenn Pang. I remember waking up on Christmas morning and running into the living room as fast as I could. I was so excited to get my very own surfboard that I cried tears of joy. As a little grom, I used to ride that board every day. My first surf competition was the Town & Country Grom Contest at Waikiki, Queens in 2014. The waves were overhead and glassy and I remember being so stoked to make it to the final. After spending many years growing and trying out various boards, I received a call from Gareth Sugihara. In 2018, he connected me with Glenn Pang and Ryan Sugihara and I began riding the Flux model. Since then I have ridden Pang’s models every day. His boards are magical. Each board he has shaped me has a unique personality and thrill within it that makes any day a fun day to surf. My current favorite model is the K-1.