Glenn Pang

Glenn Pang has been shaping for 50 years and is still going strong. His experience and passion place him among the elite shapers on this planet. Its boards are coveted by pros and everyday surfers looking to get the most out of their gear. His boards have that magical feeling that everyone chases

Tommy Tanaka

Tommy Tanaka has been a master shaper at T&C for over 25 years. It specializes in longboards and mid-length surfboards. His boards are highly coveted and found under the feet of some of the best surfers in the world. Spend time in Hawaii and you'll see his boards everywhere.

Our partner factories: Basque Country surf

Located in Zarautz, BCSC is the headquarters of the surf brands Cabianca Surfboards and Agote Surfboards.

In 2016, Johnny Cabianca and Mikel Agote fulfilled a long cherished dream and founded their own surfboard factory, called Basque Country Surf Company (BCSC). Close friends for over a decade, the two shapers share the same passion for building quality surfboards while combining nearly 50 years of technical expertise.

Truly dedicated to excellent service and visionary work, BCSC offers personalized advice and tailored products for high-performance competitors as well as fun-seekers, soul surfers and anyone who wants to become one.

This is why T&C Surf Designs called on Mikel and Johhny to manufacture our boards in Europe.

Our partner factories: Atlantic Vibrations

“Fantastic Acid is a contemporary entity, driven by intense 70s-era surfboard designs. The fruit of experimentation and research into displacement hulls. Boards with unusual dynamics, generating velocity and fluidity. Radical trim. Large radius turn. It's the product of a lifetime of surfboard building, surfing, endless movement, free improvisation, hard jazz, flex fins, transition volumes, flywheel... One approach eternal hand-crafted surfboards.

Tristan Mausse

Tristan is also the founder of Atlantic Vibrations, an excellent glassing workshop.