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A few years back Rusty designed a board called the Neil and it has gotten more interest in the last year or so. He went back and updated the design, adding more volume and improving the performance in smaller waves, giving you the Diamond Mini or D Min.

The D Min catches waves easily and does best in a wide range of conditions from knee high, mush to head high. With the added volume, you want to ride it shorter, similar to a fish. What gives the D Min its name is its diamond tail. The diamond tail is a blend of a round pin and squash and really helps this board with tighter turns than most full, wide everyday surfboards.

The low entry rocker and added foam in the chest area with the aggressive tail rocker and vee off the tail makes this board paddle with ease and still have lots of maneuverability to transition from rail to rail. If you're looking for a versatile, everyday surfboard and an excellent solution to everyday surfing conditions, the D Min is the perfect board for you.

The D Min excels in mild to moderate wave conditions. It can handle slopey to flat faces or waves that have a solid push and provide opportunities to have serious fun. Intermediate to advanced surfers will enjoy this board the most with their approach being on the more vertical and/or carving side.

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